Cool as a cucumber

Nervous Phone Call

by Darren

I have never been one to attract any type of women because I am not the best looking male in the world. It seems that it just so competitive when I go out with my guy friends, they always pick up someone to take home with them. After long thoughts, I decided that I was going to start spending time with an escort.

My very first call to the Manchester escorts service was very nerve-wracking for me and I tried to stay as calm as I could! I was not looking for a relationship, just some fun in the bedroom with no strings attached. She sounded very professional over the phone, which I did not even expect that! I booked a session with her at 6:00 pm that night, I was so nervous. I had so much fun, had the time of my life and she treated me like a gentleman!

Pounding Head

by Darren

I had a few of my friends over for drinks yesterday and they left around dinner time. As always, I still wanted to drink so I grabbed my wallet, all of the empties and headed off to my local party store. When I got there I counted all of my bottles and I ended up having about ten dollars from the cans that I took back. I grabbed me a six pack, cigarettes, gum and a pint of Jack Daniels to last me the rest of the night.

When I was standing in line a woman from the Sheffield escorts service started flirting with me. I ended up hopping in her car and took off with her for the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning, my wallet was empty and my head was pounding. I let her know what I great time that I had and advised her to drop me off at home.